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Artisanal Bakers

Elevating bread flavor since 2020

We Believe that better bread can be enjoyed in Cebu by everyone

Our goodies are available in stores, reseller outlets, through in-house delivery, Grab and FoodPanda. Our products are used by other cafes and restaurants within metro Cebu.


Real french butter, sourdough process, with real sourdough starter, patiently layered, carefully proofed, a luxury that you can afford.

Rustic Sourdough

Made by mature starter, no artificial improvers, long fermenting dough, high hydration, open crumbs, perfect balance of colors.


Not like the other buns from any bakery. These goodies have its own distinct taste and flavor that only we can put in our breads.


Some people likes to understand the science and art behind baking every bread. We are here to help you get there!

If you are looking for an ideal training from artisanal bakers, send us a message.


Whether you are expanding your baking capacity, or wanting to get into the baking and food business, we are here to offer you a way to lessen your capital expenditure by getting your equipment straight for the manufacturers through us.

We have coffee to best pair with our baked goodies!

Best Beans
Quality Milk
Perfect Blend

We do not claim to know coffee like we know sourdough. This is why we only get our coffee beans from the artisan team who knows coffee like we know our bread!

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