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Baking and donating better bread since Covid-19 pandemic in 2020!

About Us

Bread Funatics is the entity behind the Share-a-Bread donation drive. Share-a-Bread is a community outreach program of the Funatics Group Inc., or popularly known for its scuba training and underwater conservation initiative through Dive Funatics.

From time to time, the donation drive continues to help raise bread donation drives to victims of calamity, fire, and even just to share bounty to less fortunate families and individuals.

Since the world re-opened its borders, Bread Funatics continue on to bake better bread for its customers and patrons through a lengthy process of long fermenting doughs to allow flavors to slowly develop until they are ready for baking and ultimately for consumption.

The bakery has been long regarded as true artisan baker by meticulously encorporating wild yeast to everything that they bake and create like it’s yummy array of unique yogurt drinks, croissants, baguettes and buns.

Bread Funatics is a true believer in its mission – to provide everyone access to better bread.

Baking Since 2020

Bringing our teaching experties and pursuit of perfection to train and teach those who are interested in learning the art of making sourdough bread in Cebu.

Our principals are seasoned educator in the field of scuba instructor development. They never had any formal training in bread baking. Their profound dedication to learning the art of bread making and their passion to pursue excellence makes them the ideal people to learn baking from scratch. Their methodological approach to understanding concepts in the physics, microbiology, ingredients and the interplay of these components allow them better appreciation and non-traditional point of view.

If you have studied formally but feel that you could have learned more? Try a different approach, try to see things differently. Send us a note, let us start an interesting conversation.

Baking equipment sales/support

Need equipment to. get started, or more equipment to expand? We can help!

We have been importing various equipment overseas. We are well connected with trusted manufacturers in the baking equipment industry.

Franchising opportunities

We are expanding, we are looking for new places to reach so more people will have access to better bread. If you are in these locations and share our passion to create a better verious of products offered in your market? Let’s talk.

Only the Best Ingredients

Guaranteed to use the best ingredients sustainably sourced and available in every product that we make. No commercial formula, improvers, and anything that accelerates the process of bread baking.

Internally developed Recipes

We like to different, we don’t follow the bandwagon. We create our recipe based on what we like, how we like it, and how others feel about it. We are dynamic, our products evolve. We constantly re-invent ourselves.

Everything by Hand

We are purest, we like the feel of the dough in our hands. We shape everything by hand but nevertheless, we do our best to keep our bread shaped consistently but they do show a more rustic look compared to other commercial bakers in the market.

Store hours:

Daily from 7am – 7pm (Except Thursdays)

Visit Us

Red Coco Town
Agus, Lapulapu City

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