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What triggered the Fund Raiser for Share A Bread

The Fund Raiser for Share A bread was triggered by the need to help more unfortunate people in Cebu.

It was late in the evening of June 24th when we stumbled into a facebook post, a cry for help, from residents of Alaska, Mambaling, Cebu City. The area has been placed on hard lockdown due to the rising number of cases in their barangay (Barangay, the smallest local government unit in the Philippines). Therefore, they are not allowed to leave the isolated community, not even essential movements and activities like earning money, buying food and supplies are allowed. Supplies and support for the residents of Alaska, Mambaling are never enough, not timely, not sustainable. They are always happy when people, businesses, organizations send their share of donations. They have come to rely on the help from other people.

Not our typical beneficiary

Share A Bread started as a drive to solicit bread to share to the Covid Frontliners. However, we made it a point to insert some isolated communities, hard hit areas, and other beneficiaries as long as we can find a reliable volunteer to receive and distribute the breads for us. Due to the recent rise in Covid Positive cases here in Cebu, we have started to identify areas that might be suitable, and find a volunteer from within that community. But we never knew of anyone from Alaska Mambaling until that night. So we decided to put them on schedule early on the coming week. However, due to the unique needs of the residents in the area and the stories that we heard and verified, to us, it was moving enough that we have decided to make an extra load of baking on June 25th, so we have something to send to them, and we did!

Knowing when to ask for help

In as much as we want to produce more, sell more, and ultimately share more bread everyday, we cannot, we are simply not setup for that.

While the intention to help is inherent in most Filipinos, it is difficult to help when you are faced with uncertainties due to the re-imposition of a more stringent, somewhat more militarized implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the city. So we decided to bring this cause externally, by creating a fundraiser on hoping that others can help us with our drive to raise our daily production capacity. We have decided to go all-in, go serious in this endeavor to answer the call of our hungry Cebuanos.

Proceeds of the fund raising will primarily be used to equip us to produce more output for the same amount of time that we spend everyday. To sustain the increase of production until parts of Metro Cebu can stand on its feet again and in turn more people will have extra funds and can participate in sharing their bread with our beneficiaries. 

Share A Bread

It is no longer just the Frontliners anymore

While we owe a debt of gratitude to our Covid Frontliners and we have founded the Share A Bread initiative primary for them, we are coming into the realization that we want to extend our help to others who are in dire need of aid. Unfortunately, embarking in this more ambitious plan is beyond our current financial capacity to pull off at the moment. This is why we are urging and appealing to your kind hearts to share and donate something, no matter how small it may be to you, but to the people that we intend to help, it means the whole world to them at this time. 

It is amazing how a single piece of bread can put a smile on the faces of these people that we have helped! So please spare a change, donate to our Fundraiser for Share A Bread cause by clicking the button below.

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