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In light of the CoViD-19 pandemic, assisted care facilities especially for seniors are isolated communities by themselves. To put the seniors at the very least exposure to the virus, staff have been camping with their seniors since the onset of the quarantine protocols. Family members of these seniors are also not allowed to pay a visit. This has been the protocol of most assisted care facilities everywhere in the world, including Life Care Residences in Cebu. 

For Monday, June 22, we intend to brighten the day of residents and support staff of this isolated community. We are targeting to raise 160 pieces of bread for the seniors housed and their carers.

For every Php 200, you get to sponsor 10 pieces of delicious filled bread. As a sponsor residing in Metro Cebu, you will also receive 10 pieces of the same delicious bread you would like to share with them. The bread will roll out for delivery around 3pm and sponsors and beneficiary can have a virtual bread-sharing experience. Should you wish to partake in this bread drive, please place your order here