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Sitio Alaska, Mambaling, Cebu has been placed on localized lockdown since May 6, 2020. Now more than a month later, the place is still on the same status with more than 600 cases of CoViD-19. The lockdown has affected about 20,000 residents who mostly fall on the marginalized sector. With supplies dwindling, the residents have put up a sign which reads,”If you can’t feed us, free us”. 

We have been on the lookout for a potential recipient in Alaska, Mambaling and my lucky stars have again aligned and I came across another request for help in Facebook’s CoViD-19 information center. That’s how I met Realyn. Realyn works as a loan consultant for a commission. And she posted a request for food.

Since the lockdown of Sitio Alaska, their household has only been receiving rice. If anything, last week they received a 25-kg sack of rice. The only time they received canned goods or anything substantial to go with the rice was in April, way before they were put on localized lockdown. Occasionally, private donors would funnel in canned goods but not everyone in the community can get their hands on the limited resource. 

Realyn is a PWD and is also relying on her PWD financial assistance to get by but that too has stopped flowing in. She has no idea why. From what I gathered from Realyn, people from the inside are asking to go out so they can find means to support themselves. They simply cannot ask help from a neighbor who is simply in the same plight, or yet even worse. 

Realyn opening up her thoughts on Facebook, posted with permission

For June 30, ShareABreadPH is targeting to send at least 160 pieces of bread to their community. For every Php 200, you get to receive 10 flavorful filled pandesal and some residents of Sitio Alaska will also get to enjoy the treat. Book your order here. If you are feeling generous, you may even add-on fresh milk their way as pantulak for their bread.