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Browsing through Facebook’s CoViD information center, I bumped into a request for help that I simply cannot ignore. It was a simple request for help. The person who published the post stated he is a motorcycle driver (on call for private hires) and that they need some donations and food supply in their Barangay.  That’s how I met Anderson.

I sent him a message via Facebook messenger to ask if they still needed help. It took about 2 days for Anderson to get back to me with a reply. He told me there was only one smart phone he can use in their household – it’s for his child. He was quick to give me his mobile number so we can continue with text messaging because his child needed the smartphone back. So I switched to text messaging mode and he got back to me via Facebook stating his prepaid load ran out. Talk about bad timing. 

He went on to tell me about how cases are steadily increasing in Quiot and that they are on ECQ despite all the positive cases on the rise. He told me his source of funds are people he know who are afraid to go out to buy supplies. He would buy the goods for them and he would earn a little in the process. Motorcycle drivers are still not allowed to operate for public transportation. He also told me he is scared to get the disease as their house is small and therefore physical distancing is a privilege. 

I came up with an agreement with Anderson that I will try to raise bread for him and his fellow habal-habal drivers. This is for Saturday, 13th of June. 

I am inviting everyone to share bread with Anderson and his community of habal-habal drivers.  For Php 200, you are effectively buying 10 pieces of filled bread for yourself and giving another 10 pieces to the community. We are targeting to give them at least 100 pieces. As of this writing, we have already pooled 50 and one amazing patron added on milk to be delivered to these guys. Our filled bread is perfect for afternoon snacks and will surely fill your tastebuds, tummy and hearts knowing that the same is also being enjoyed by the displaced community. If you want to share bread to Anderson and his community, please go ahead and place your order here

Snippets from my conversation with Anderson