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As you all know, Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) is one of the first facilities designated to handle both the testing and care of CoViD-positive cases. We have asked around from our friends working there and based on their own perception of things, they are not very okay. To put things in context, they are referring to the fact that a lot of the staff has been infected in the process. 

We do not have access to the figures and numbers as to how many are active cases. All we know is there are staff battling the disease as this is being typed. 

In 11th of May, we were able to raise the dough for 80 pieces of bread for our healthcare workers at VSMMC. We feel that now, more than ever, is a good time to uplift the spirits of our medical frontliners from this institution. We may have started to ease in to GCQ and start adjusting to the new normal but the new normal for these guys are so much different. They selflessly go out the battlefield and give care to our inflicted citizens putting themselves at risk in the process. 

Hence, we are putting forward this open invitation to send some love to our medical frontliners. If you have Php 200 to spare, you will get 10 filled bread and at the same time get to share another 10 pieces with our frontliners. 

After VSMMC, we will also be doing another round of sharing to Allegiant Regional Care (ARC) Hospital in Lapulapu, St. Vincent General Hospital in Cebu City and Mandaue City Hospital. ARC has just been recently certified to conduct CoViD-19 testing. 

Buy a bread and share a bread with our frontliners today! Place your orders here.