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This week, we would like to pay homage to one of our unsung heroes, or heroines for that matter, Shannon. Shannon is a friendly face in the neighborhood. She does the online shopping for our butter and banana which all go in the baking. She has a fluffy dog, too.

As soon as we have rolled out the ShareABread initiative, Shannon was one of the first to book an order. She ordered a LOT and she was also giving away even her share of the bread to the village security guards. She was also our instant marketing team making it known to our other neighbors that this initiative exists. For the first weeks, Shannon was an integral part of this ShareABread community. She made it possible for us to support the frontlines. She would also spend time linking us up with possible recipients and possible packaging options for the bread. 

Thank you Shannon and family! May there be more Shannons in the world. May you guys be blessed.